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How To Find A Job In A Recession | Finding Tips

Understanding the Job Market During A Recession
  • Unemployment.. 7
  • Going the Extra Mile.. 7
  • Finding Work

Versatility: The number one qualification
  • In-Betweening
Job Searching Tips and Skills
  • Swagger.. 12
  • Dressing the Part.. 13
  • Lower End Jobs. 13
  • Entry Level Positions. 14
  • Conducting the Interview.... 15
  • Lay off the caffeine. 15
  • Stage tricks. 16
  • Have your lunch before, not after the interview.. 16
  • Talisman
Your Attitude, Persistence and Its Effectiveness
  • Practical Advice.. 18
  • Ignore Everyone who Discourages you.. 18
  • Apply Everywhere. 19
  • Target your Resume and Hype yourself Up   19


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